Norwegian Verbs and Essentials of Grammar (A Norwegian Grammar Book)

Norwegian Grammar | Norwegian Language BooksOne of the few Norwegian grammar books on the market with explanations in English.

As the title indicates, the book’s main focus is on Norwegian verbs. It explains the Norwegian verbal system quite well and gives plenty of examples. An extensive list of irregular verbs has also been included.

Unlike in English, where you only have to stick the ending “-ed” on in the past tenses of regular verbs, Norwegian regular verbs are slightly more complicated.

The book does a pretty good job of explaining how regular Norwegian verbs are divided up into separate groups. The explanations are concise and to the point which makes them easy to follow.

The Norwegian Grammar Part

The second half of the book is taken up by general Norwegian grammar. This part is divided up into clear and easy to understand sections and provides a reasonable good introduction to Norwegian grammar.

Whereas the book gives you an introduction to Norwegian grammar, it is short on more detail explanations of certain aspects of Norwegian grammar.

For instance, the chapter on prepositions lists numerous prepositions with an example. However, the chapter falls short when it comes to explaining how the various prepositions are used.

Unfortunately, there is no accompanying exercise book or workbook. However, the book will work well as a reference book when doing Norwegian grammar exercises.

The book is probably best suited to learners at a beginners level, i.e. the first stage of level A0-A1 of the CEFR. It will give you the basics of Norwegian grammar, and will allow you to progress to a level where you can start using Norwegian grammar books written in Norwegian.

CEFR levels covered: A0 – A1 (our opinion)


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Review Summary

This Norwegian grammar book will give you the essentials needed to build a good foundation of Norwegian grammar. The book's explanations of the Norwegian verbal system is good. A good grammar book for beginners. Visit US Site

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