The Mystery of Nils (Part 1) (A Norwegian for Beginners Textbook)

This course book teaches Norwegian for beginners in a unique way!

Norwegian for Beginners | Norwegian Language BooksThe textbook is built up to be read as a novel. It tells the story of a “nissedukke” called Nils and his life with a Norwegian family.

The authors have taken the most frequently used words in the Norwegian language and crafted a story around these words.  The result is this very different Norwegian textbook which covers level A1 (A2).


Details of “The Mystery of Nils” (A Norwegian for Beginners Textbook)

Each unit of the book consists of a reading text. Unusually, the book has a printed wordlist with English translations next to each reading text. This feature makes it easy to see the meaning of new vocabulary as you read. And, it will definitely cut down on some dictionary work!

The reading texts are interspersed by grammar explanations – all in English. In an attempt to make a rather boring subject more fun, the authors have included hand-drawn sketches that clearly illustrate the grammar point(s) being explained.

There are a few exercises in the book, but not nearly enough. However, the authors have added a lot of free material to their website such as free exercises and pronunciation videos. This material can be accessed from their homepage on Nils.

This Norwegian for beginners textbook has been written by Norwegian teachers, and this is evident from how they reinforce the language by frequently reusing it. The book is accompanied by audio material which also includes a few dialect samples – a big bonus for learners!

Unusually, the company behind the book also offers a paid correction service. Learners submit their written work and a teacher will correct and comment on the exercises. They also offer live lessons to learners.


The Verdict on “The Mystery of Nils” (A Norwegian for Beginners Textbook)

An interesting and different book with clear and easy to follow grammar explanations in English. The textbook is comprehensive but falls a bit short when it comes to exercises. Even though the textbook has been bolstered by online exercises, it just is not enough of them!

If you are looking for a different approach to learning Norwegian, this is definitely the book for you!

CEFR levels covered: A1 (A2) (our opinion)

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Review Summary

An interesting textbook for Norwegian beginners which has a new and different approach to teaching Norwegian. The textbook could benefit from having more exercises accompanying it, but overall a good alternative.
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