Norwegian – An Essential Grammar (A Norwegian Grammar Book)

Norwegian Grammar Book | Norwegian Language BooksA golden oldie when it comes to Norwegian grammar books with English explanations. This book was first published back in 1986 and has been reprinted several times since.

The main reason we have included this book in our reviews is that there are not that many Norwegian grammar books available in English. In fact, for a long time, it was the only one on the market!

This Norwegian grammar book has been especially written with non-native speakers in mind. It gives a step-by-step presentation of Norwegian grammar rules with reference to British English.

The book is not accompanied any exercise book or workbook, so it should purely be viewed as a stand-alone reference book.

There are no long explanations in this book. In fact, they are very short and to the point (a very Norwegian trait). In some places, they might even be too short. Having said that, the book is littered with good examples that are both colloquial and idiomatic.

A Modern Norwegian Grammar Book?

The book preface claims it to be a practical guide to modern Norwegian. Whereas it is definitely very practical in its approach, the book is not modern.

A number of new Norwegian grammar terms were introduced in 2005. In addition, there were some reclassification of some grammatical elements done at the same time.

An example of this is the demonstrative pronouns “this” and “that”. They used to be classified as “påpekende pronomen”. Now, however, they are a sub-group under the “determinativer” called “pekeord” or “demonstrativer”.

Unfortunately, this Norwegian grammar book does not reflect the change that took place in 2005. However, this should not necessarily deter you from buying the book. Whereas the classifications and terms may have changed, the way Norwegian grammar is used has not.

The Verdict on this Norwegian Grammar Book

This grammar book does give a very comprehensive overview over Norwegian grammar. Where this book really excels, is in the thorough explanations of the various sentence elements of the Norwegian language and how they work together.

The diagrams in the section on word order, give a clear and concise overview over how Norwegian sentences are constructed.

Norwegians love their commas, and learners will be delighted with the outlined rules for the use of commas.

If you are looking for a Norwegian grammar book with English explanations and which will see you through several levels, then this book may be the Norwegian grammar book for you!

CEFR levels covered: A1 – B2 (our opinion)

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Review Summary

A comprehensive Norwegian grammar book in English. Explanations can be a bit wanting in places, but it excels when it comes to explaining sentence elements and word order - it will see you through your Norwegian studies. Visit US Site

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