Complete Norwegian (A Norwegian Self-study Course)

Norwegian Self-study Course | Norwegian Language BooksA comprehensive book and audio language course for self-study students.

The book claims to cover levels A1 to B2 and it also claims that no prior knowledge of Norwegian (or any other foreign language) is necessary.

This Norwegian self-study course covers a lot of material quite quickly. The course is fast-paced – it will have to be to cover so many levels in just one book!


Details of Complete Norwegian (A Norwegian Self-study Course)

The book’s introduction clearly lays out how to best study Norwegian, and how to get the most out of this Norwegian self-study course.

The book’s layout means that it easy to “dip in and out” of the material, making it easy to follow the book’s advice on studying frequently and in short “chunks” instead of spending long and infrequent session poring over books.

With regards to grammar, unfortunately, the book does fall a bit short on detailed explanations. It only gives you the bare basics and it is just about enough to let you progress through the course.

Learners buying this Norwegian self-study course may find it beneficiary to “supplement” the grammar with a book like Norwegian Verbs and Essentials of Grammar or Norwegian – An Essential Grammar.

There are some exercises in the book, but not really enough to reinforce any grammar points sufficiently. The rapid progression also means that you should make sure you set aside some extra time to revise both grammar and vocabulary at regular intervals.


The Verdict on Complete Norwegian (A Norwegian Self-study Course)

This book is the number 1 best-selling Norwegian self-study book on Amazon. So, will it teach you Norwegian? The answer is yes. Will you pass Norkprøven 2 or 3 or Bergenstesten with this course? That is doubtful.

This is a reasonably good Norwegian self-study course. However, it will leave gaps in your knowledge of Norwegian grammar and vocabulary, which you at some point will need to fill.

Having said that, if you are looking for a Norwegian self-study course with quick progression, and which will give you some knowledge of the Norwegian language before moving to Norway, then this course may be right for you.

CEFR levels covered: A1 – B2

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Review Summary

A Norwegian self-study course with quick progression - maybe too quick? The book will give you some knowledge of the Norwegian language but will leave gaps in you knowledge that you will need to "plug" at some stage. Visit US Site

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