Colloquial Norwegian (A Norwegian Self-study Course)

Norwegian Self-study Course | Norwegian Language BooksThis is a new and updated version of a Norwegian self-study course that has been around since 1995. However, they do not seem to have updated that much as they still refer to “the cassettes” in this “new” version.


Details of Colloquial Norwegian (A Norwegian Self-study Course)

In fact, the audio material that accompanies this Norwegian self-study course consists of downloadable audio files. They can be downloaded (for free) from the Routledge textbook site.

The audio files have a lot of explanations in English interspersed with Norwegian. Whereas the explanations are good, they make it more difficult to do “listen and repeat” exercises.

This Norwegian self-study course claims to be a beginners course and that is what it is. Unlike other Norwegian self-study courses, it does not try to cram several levels into one book – a big plus. It gives learners the chance to progress through the course at a more “natural” speed, which you can adjust to suit your own needs.

The Norwegian dialogues in the book have been translated into English, but unfortunately not always with a 100% accuracy. However, having the translations there makes it clear that it is not enough to just know the vocabulary and then translate – you need to learn important grammar points like word order and sentence structure in order to successfully learn Norwegian.

Like most Norwegian self-study course books, the book is a bit “short” on grammar. The grammar explanations are just enough to let learners progress through the course. What the book does well, though, is that it teaches word order and sentence structure through simple and effective diagrams. The grammar explanations are also followed by good exercises that reinforce the grammar points.


The Verdict on Colloquial Norwegian (A Norwegian Self-study Course)

Colloquial Norwegian does do what “it says on the tin” – this Norwegian self-study course will progressively build up your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

The course will most likely not be enough for you to pass any Norskprøve or Bergenstesten. However, it will give you a reasonable good foundation for further Norwegian language studies.

It will also give you a reasonable knowledge of how to use Norwegian in a range of situations as well as an introduction to some cultural aspects of Norwegian life.

If you are looking for a Norwegian self-study book with medium progression, and which will give you are reasonable foundation of the Norwegian language, then this book may be the one for you.

CEFR levels covered: A1 (our opinion)

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Review Summary

A reasonably good Norwegian self-study course. The coursebook progresses through the material at a moderate pace, giving learners the opportunity to reinforce their language acquisition with a range of good exercises. Visit US Site

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