Berlitz Language: Norwegian Phrase Book & CD

Norwegian Phrase Book | Norwegian Language BooksA compact, yet accessible phrase book that fits perfectly into your pocket – ideal for travelling!

If you are looking for a Norwegian phrase book for your trip to Norway, this book is a great alternative.

Do You Need a Norwegian Phrase Book?

Even though most Norwegians speak a reasonably good English, there are times when you will need a bit of Norwegian to get by, especially when travelling outside the major cities.

Knowing a bit of the language will only enhance the actual experience of travelling in Norway.

This Berlitz Norwegian phrase book is ideal for travellers of all ages. It contains a wealth of essential information and practical tips, which is made easily accessible through a colour-coding system that is quite  visually appealing.

In short, this Norwegian phrase book allows you to quickly find what you want, when you want it.


Can a Norwegian Phrase Book Teach You to Speak Norwegian?

The phrase book contains simplified phonetics which makes it fairly easy to pronounce Norwegian words and phrases.

It also comes in two different versions, one with a CD and one without. In order to get the most out of this travel phrase book, we would suggest that you get the book with the CD.

The CD is ideal for practising your pronunciation and intonation, especially when combined with the simplified phonetics.

Sticking the CD on in the car, makes it easy to learn some Norwegian phrases in advance of your trip.

The book’s handy size and layout makes it easy to use a reference book while travelling in Norway.

If you are a more “serious” learner of the Norwegian language, you may find this book handy for dipping in and out of when learning Norwegian vocabulary and expressions “on the go”, for instance when on the bus.

All in all, this is a handy little Norwegian phrase book that could be quite useful for travellers and learners alike.

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Review Summary

A handy Norwegian phrase book that could be equally useful for travellers as busy people who are learning "on the go". Combined with the CD, the book should be enough to get you kick-started with the Norwegian language. Visit US Site

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