Mysteriet om Nils (Part 2) (Norwegian Textbook Level B1-B2)

A Norwegian textbook at level B1-B2 which teaches Norwegian in a unique way! Continue following “nissedukken” Nils and his life with a Norwegian family. A cleverly crafted Norwegian textbook at level B1-B2.

The Mystery of Nils (Part 1) (A Norwegian for Beginners Textbook)

A course book that teaches Norwegian for beginners in a unique way! Follow “nissedukken” Nils and his life with a Norwegian family, and learn Norwegian through this cleverly crafted Norwegian for beginners textbook.

Colloquial Norwegian (A Norwegian Self-study Course)

We take a closer look at this well-established Norwegian self-study course which is part of the Routledge’s Colloquial Series. We ask if this is this really the Norwegian self-study course you should go for?

Norwegian – An Essential Grammar (A Norwegian Grammar Book)

A golden oldie when it comes to Norwegian grammar books with English explanations. The grammar book has been especially written with non-native speakers in mind by two Norwegian professors. It gives a step-by-step presentation of Norwegian grammar rules with reference to British English.

Complete Norwegian (A Norwegian Self-study Course)

The the number 1 best-selling Norwegian self-study book on Amazon. This fast-paced course book claims to cover CEFR levels A1 – B2 and is part of the Teach Yourself series.

Norwegian Verbs and Essentials of Grammar (A Norwegian Grammar Book)

One of the few Norwegian grammar books on the market with explanations in English. As the title indicates, the book’s main focus is on Norwegian verbs, but it also does an adequate job of explaining Norwegian grammar.

Berlitz Language: Norwegian Phrase Book & CD

A compact, yet accessible Norwegian phrase book ideal for travellers or for busy people who need a phrase book to dip in and out of while “on the go”.